Join Us!

We are currently interviewing perspective members. Read below and if all of this seems like something you would like to do, please e-mail us. We will match you up with a sponsor to take you through this process.

Regular Members, who have one vote and are allowed to fly our aircraft, must be at least a private pilot, pass an interview with our Board of Directors, and have a current medical certificate. To solo the Mooney you must have 100 hours total, a club instructor sign-off, and either 20hrs retract + 5hrs in the Mooney or 10hrs in the Mooney. You can receive instruction in the Mooney prior to these minimums, including getting your instrument rating. We have had several members join with less than 100hrs and then build their required time while getting their instrument rating in the Mooney. Associate Members, who can participate in our social activities but cannot vote or fly our aircraft*, only have to have a desire to share their interest in aviation and be recommended for membership by a Director. If you do not have your private pilot license but are interested in the Club, we encourage you to join as an Associate Member while you get your license with one of the local flights schools on their aircraft. Contact us if you would like some information about local flights schools and see our rates for these different classes of membership.

* Family Student Pilots can use Club aircraft but are limited in this use per the Operating Agreement.


As much as we wish we could just fly planes, we have done alot of work to ensure all of our members get fair use of the aircraft, that the aircraft are operated safely, and that the Club runs smoothly. You can view the results of this work in our Bylaws, Flying Rules, and Directions for Managers by clicking on the links below.


If you need more information or would like to be matched up with a sponsor to help you through the process, please contact us.