Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I join a flying club?

A: So you have flying options. The first one is renting. This is the least expensive if you fly less than 20 hours per year, but the planes are often not available, you have to hope someone is at the airport to let you out to the planes, your rental rate is putting money in someone's pocket, they frown at multiple day rentals, and rental places put a lot of time on their planes so they are often beat up and in the shop. The second option is to buy a plane. It is always available and you control the maintenance, but it can run you $20,000 a year and 100 hours of your time all in to own your own plane. So a flying club is in the middle. We put around 200 hours on the planes instead 400 like a rental place so they are more available than a rental, your dues and rates stay in the Club, our Regular Members will have ramp badges and plane access so you don't have to depend on someone being there to let you out, we are a lot more flexible on multiple day rentals, we have a social aspect so you can build friendships and have easy access to safety pilots, and finally, those fixed costs and management hours are spread across all of our members along with the fact that we can negotiate discounts on some of those fixed costs. A club is also the cheapest option if you fly more than about 20 hours per year.

Q: Can I get out whenever I want?

A: The specifics are in the bylaws, but the general idea is that after giving us 90 day notice (may be waived for proven financial harship), you can sell your membership to the Club for the amount of your contribution minus the "value of the club". The 90 day notice is to give the club time to adjust finances and try to find a new member. Many Clubs require you to sell your membership to a new member, often leaving you stuck for years while the Club goes out and gets new members themselves and buys more airplanes. We think we will be able to get more members and keep more members if they don't feel that they are stuck in something they might not like.

Q: Can student pilots join?

Only as social members. But join us at this reduce rate, learn from your fellow Club Members, and then become a full member when you get your license.

Q: Can I use this plane for commerical purposes.

Per the airport rules, no. However, you can use it for personal business as long as you are doing under part 91.

Q: How do I pay for fuel?

A: In club planes, members are responsible for all fuel costs, including filling the tanks up to 1 inch below the top (to avoid wasting fuel due to fuel expansion on hot days) for the next member. At CHO you can call the FBO (Landmark Aviation at 434-978-1474) for fuel, and it will automatically be charged to the club. The treasurer will match the flight log to fuel bills at the end of the month and add it to your bill.

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