The club owns N3275F, a Mooney M20F. The performance and equipment information is below. While it is an older plane, it's performance, efficiency and price cannot be beat. It has many of the 201 speed mods, a single piece belly, electric gear and flaps, non-slaved HSI, and a Hertzel Schimitar Prop. We have made a number of improvements since purchasing the aircraft, including a new audio panel with music and pilot/passenger isolation capability, a new ADS-B out capable transponder, and an electronic starter system. It cruises around 156kts at 9-10 gallons per hour. If you are building time, you can bring it back to 65% power, 110kts, and 6.5 gallons per hour making it as cheap to fly as a C172. We have also installed an iPad with Foreflight and a Stratus 2 which gives us moving maps, electronic charts, weather, and all traffic in the cockpit.
The current use rate for members is $56.25/hr dry (members purchase their own fuel), which includes a temporary increase of $6.25/hr for 2016 to help cover repairs and upgrades from 2015. Tach time is typically about 0.9 times the Hobbs time.

Photos (Click on the picture to enlarge)
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918nm range
Performance Specs (see POH for details)
Cruise Speed at 5,000ft 180MPH (156kts) at 75% power (2400rpm/24"MP), 10 GPH
Cruise Speed at 10,000ft 182MPH (158kts) at 75% power (2600rpm/21"MP), 10 GPH
Useful Load Approximately 1000 lbs
Useful Fuel Quantity and Duration without reserves 54.8 gallons, 5 hours
Payload Approximately 675lbs (full fuel)
Approximately 757lbs at 3/4 tanks

Engine Info:
Airframe Total Time: 4710 hrs (May 2017)
Propeller Total Time: 936 hrs (May 2017)
Last Annual Inspection: April 2017
Last Engine Overhaul: April 2017

Equipment (this is what is installed, check scheduling page for inop equipment
Radios Garmin 430 upgraded to WAAS (Click here for manual, select "Appliance Data", select "Pilot's Guide and Reference")
Mark 12D NAV/COM (Click here for manual)
Navigation Garmin GNS 430 upgraded to WAAS - IFR certified (Click here for manual, select "Appliance Data", select "Pilot's Guide and Reference")
Mark 12D NAV/COM (Click here for manual)
Century Non-Slaved HSI (Click here for manual)
Stratus II ADS B-GPS (Click here for manual)
Other Equipment S-Tec 30 2-Axis AP (Click here for manual)
STEC GPS Steering (Click here for manual)
PMA 8000B Audio Panel (Click here for manual)
ADS-B Out Capable Transponder (click here for manual)
iPad with Foreflight (Click here for manual)
Stratus II ADS-B Receiver (Click here for manual)
CGR-30P Engine Monitor (Click here for manual)
WX900 Storm Scope (Click here for manual)

Weight and Balance
FAA Airworthiness and Registration
Club Mooney Transition Guide
Club Mooney Written Test
Club Mooney Check-Out Form
Mooney Maintenance Manual
Mooney Parts Manual
Lycoming IO-360 Engine Operators Manual
Lycoming Direct Drive Overhaul Manual
Articles on MP-Prop-Mixture