We have worked out a deal with Charlottesville Flight Center to rent their 180hp 172SP to the Club at a reduced rate. The Club then rents it back to our member's for $109 including fuel, making up the difference from monthly dues revenue. You still have to be a private pilot to join the club, but there is only a 1 hour check out on the aircraft, assuming you demonstrate proficiency in that hour. The reservation of it is through CFC at CFC homepage. Since this aircraft is not usually used for primary training, it is much easier to rent for multiple day trips. This page is for general planning only and should not be used for your final calculations regarding the operation of your flight.

Here are some photos. Click on the picture to enlarge.
N6026S-outside1.jpg N6026S-front.jpg N6026S-panel.jpg not yet available
Side Front. The Panel The Cabin

Performance Specs (see POH for details)
Cruise Speed at 2,000ft 113KTAS at 75% power (2450rpm)
Cruise Speed at 10,000ft 123KTAS at 75% power (2700rpm)
Useful Load Approximately 895 lbs
Useful Fuel Quantity and Duration 56 gallons, 4.5 hours
Payload (full fuel) Approximately 580lbs

Equipment (this is what is installed, check with CFC for Inop Equipment and IFR currency on Garmin Aera 460)
Radios G1000 (click for pilot guide)
Navigation G1000
Autopilot KAP 140 (click for pilot guide)
Engine Monitoring G1000

Files (click on the one you want to open the file)
Generic Cessna 172S POH
Weight and Balance

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